Need to Free Your Mind? If Only For a Moment…

Today.  Just for a moment; wouldn’t it be awesome if you could free your mind from the stress and worry of living? Are you stressed or unhappy? Do you need to calm down? Training your mind to relax can help you feel rested and prepared at any time, and is easy to do. When youContinue reading “Need to Free Your Mind? If Only For a Moment…”

Stop Trying to Be Perfect and Just Be Happy

Perfection is impossible, yet many people still spend time and energy trying to attain it and ultimately are living unhappy, unproductive lives News Flash: NO ONE IS PERFECT!!! The quest for perfection is exhausting and unrelenting, but as hard as we try, we can’t turn off the tapes that fill our heads with messages likeContinue reading “Stop Trying to Be Perfect and Just Be Happy”

6 Steps to Finding Peace Within

                    We all ultimately wish for peace. The trouble is that we are taught to believe that battles need to be fought and won to earn it. But what if our steps towards peace were instead steps of studying and dismantling those battles? To do this,Continue reading “6 Steps to Finding Peace Within”

10 Ideas for Connecting With Your Kids

Sometimes we can be so busy with our jobs, and our personal goals, and changing the world, that we have very little time to spend with our kids. And trite as it may sound, the time we have with them is so limited, and passes so quickly, that we may lose out on their childhoodsContinue reading “10 Ideas for Connecting With Your Kids”

Are You a Control Freak?

Being termed a “control freak” is not the best experience in life, but it is something worth pondering. Why do people around you feel that you are excessively controlling? Finding what spurs you to be a controlling person is the first step to dealing with it productively. These steps can also be useful in understandingContinue reading “Are You a Control Freak?”