When Sadness Lingers…

Feelings of surprise vanish in an instant, while sorrow can hang on for months. Why is that? New research from the journal Motivation and Emotion offers answers. Of all your emotions, sadness tends to last the longest, the research data show. Anger, hope, pride, and enthusiasm round out the top five when it comes to enduringContinue reading “When Sadness Lingers…”

20 Top Tips for Improving the Way We Talk to Our Kids

The WAY we talk to our kids has a huge impact on their learning and ability to listen to us. We are constantly modeling to our kids how to act and behave and the way we talk to them fits right into this category. The way we speak to them and those around us is showingContinue reading “20 Top Tips for Improving the Way We Talk to Our Kids”

‘Are You Happy?’

It’s getting close to the holidays and if you’re like many, it can be a very stressful, overwhelming time.  We want to post articles which will help our readers get through the holidays.  Please take a moment and visit http://areyouhappy.preciouslifeservices.com to answer a 1 question survey.  Your feedback is very much appreciated!  Thank you forContinue reading “‘Are You Happy?’”

When Anger Gets the Best of You…

My Dad was a fine Christian man. He was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend. Dad was widely respected and loved by his family, within our town, on his job, in the church and throughout all the circles of his life. Everyone liked Jack Chinn. But, one day in 1956, he exploded inContinue reading “When Anger Gets the Best of You…”