7 Ways to Stay Steady With Bipolar Disorder

IF YOU ARE one of the 5.7 million people living with bipolar disorder, or a friend or family member of someone who has the condition, then you know it can play out like the wildest of rides—teetering at the summit of high moods and then plummeting to the lowest of lows, with multiple twists andContinue reading “7 Ways to Stay Steady With Bipolar Disorder”


Instances of verbal, emotional, or physical abuse are extremely stressful and traumatic for victims.  During an act of abusive violence, it is common for an abused person to lash out toward their abuser. They may scream, cry, use insults, or even physically defend themselves against the attack. In turn, an assailant may retaliate against themContinue reading “WHAT IS REACTIVE ABUSE? EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW”

Can You ‘Snap Out’ of Depression?

Dear Reader, “Depression is a sin.” “You just need to pray more…” “Can’t you just snap out of it?” Many people beat themselves up because they “shouldn’t” feel depressed. Often there is a precipitating event, such as a divorce or death, which results in situational depression (aka temporary depression) that will typically be alleviated inContinue reading “Can You ‘Snap Out’ of Depression?”

What is Bipolar Depression?

Bipolar depression is part of a larger condition called bipolar disorder. Specifically, the “lows” that you may be feeling, those moments of hopelessness, these are the possible symptoms of the depressive moments associated with bipolar disorder. Bipolar depression is a lifelong condition that creates unusual mood changes that can vary in length and severity. YouContinue reading “What is Bipolar Depression?”

What is Teen Dating Violence?

Dating is an inevitable part of life that many experience for the first time as a teenager. Healthy relationships, however, require hard work, communication, and a level of maturity that may not be present in teens. As a result, many teen relationships – nearly one third – are characterized as either unhealthy or violent. Understanding what teenContinue reading “What is Teen Dating Violence?”

To the Person Sitting in a Hospital After a Suicide Attempt by Christa Marie

I was you. I sat in the ambulance watching my heartbeat on the screen. Hoping it would stop. Knowing I was caught. Knowing it would keep going. Looking at my vitals I knew weren’t normal. So many questions, so many emotions, so many thoughts. I wanted it all to just stop. I was you. InContinue reading “To the Person Sitting in a Hospital After a Suicide Attempt by Christa Marie”

Do You Suffer From S.A.D?

Social Anxiety Disorder. Also called: SAD. So what is it? It’s a chronic mental health condition in which social interactions cause irrational anxiety. For people with social anxiety disorder, everyday social interactions cause irrational anxiety, fear, self-consciousness, and embarrassment. Symptoms: Symptoms may include excess fear of situations in which one may be judged, worry aboutContinue reading “Do You Suffer From S.A.D?”

Dealing With Anger and Frustration

In these challenging times, you may find that you have little patience with other people or get upset over minor things. Anger and frustration are complicated emotions that often stem from other feelings, like disappointment, fear, and stress. Taking some extra steps to decrease your overall tension can prevent your feelings (and the reactions thatContinue reading “Dealing With Anger and Frustration”