4 Ways Unresolved Trauma Is Showing Up in Your Morning Routine, According to a Trauma Specialist

Trauma can show up in our lives in many different ways, such as tension in the hips or other parts of the body or increased motivation (aka trauma drive). It can also appear in our morning routine as various behaviors and patterns that can be connected to unresolved trauma, even if we don’t realize it. While trauma canContinue reading “4 Ways Unresolved Trauma Is Showing Up in Your Morning Routine, According to a Trauma Specialist”

Understanding the Connection Between Sleep and Mental Health

More than one-third of Americans are not getting enough sleep. That’s a lot of people walking around with well-known symptoms like “brain fog,” moodiness, and the general inability to think straight and remember information. It’s not an exaggeration to say our lack of sleep is becoming a public health crisis. Sleep deprivation is also a majorContinue reading “Understanding the Connection Between Sleep and Mental Health”

Stuck in Grief After a Death

In each of our lifetimes, almost everyone will experience loss. It’s part of the human experience that’s inescapable for most. We don’t just experience grief following the death of a loved one. It can show up in other ways, such as losing a career, a ruined friendship, or even financial loss. The way we experienceContinue reading “Stuck in Grief After a Death”

Coping With Loneliness

You might arrive at the obvious solution first: You just need to get out more often and make more friends. True, these steps certainly help increase your chances for meaningful connections. But remember: Being alone doesn’t have to result in loneliness.  To address loneliness effectively, you’ll typically need to dig a little deeper to uncover theContinue reading “Coping With Loneliness”

What’s the Name of Your Depression?

My daughter is named after my mother. My dog’s name is Dog. I call my depression “My Black Hole.” I am not the only one who has given illness a name. Winston Churchill called his depression his “Black Dog.” I have a friend who calls her depression “The Cave.” Apparently it is common and actuallyContinue reading “What’s the Name of Your Depression?”