Passively Suicidal

Passive suicidal ideation is when someone thinks about or wishes for death without actually planning to end their life. Passive suicidal ideation is distinctly different from active suicidal ideation. Active suicidal ideation is when you think about specific ways in which to end your own life. Put simply, active suicidal ideation involves a plan to harm yourself, whereas passive suicidal ideationContinue reading “Passively Suicidal”

What is it like to survive a suicide attempt?

Survivors tell us what went through their minds in what they expected to be their final moments — and what it’s like to return to a life they tried to end. “I thought that my kids would be better off without me.” THE FIRST TIME Nancy Nettles tried to kill herself was on her 31st birthday.Continue reading “What is it like to survive a suicide attempt?”

Hurt People Hurt People

When people get hurt in relationship and do not receive healing from the wounds, they have a logical and defensible tendency to become protective against more pain. A wound that does not receive attention remains sensitive; a person becomes wary of being relationally “cut” again. The younger one is when unattended hurt begins, the moreContinue reading “Hurt People Hurt People”