About Precious Life Services

Since 1994, Precious Life Services has been a community outlet for individuals who are facing, suffering and overcoming a crisis in their life.  Listed below is an outline focusing on the history of Precious Life.

Precious Life Members have under went various training sessions with prestige organizations such as; United Way, Contact USA and Rape Crisis Centers of America to better equip its volunteers in assisting the general public with issues of concern

Precious Life began conducting support groups for troubled teens who are suffering from depression, grief, loss and stress within various schools in the state of California and the state of Texas

Precious Life conducts its annual ‘Walk against Suicide’ and ‘Celebration of Life’ youth rallies within various communities in an effort to make individuals aware of hidden signs of suicide

Precious Life has collaborated with the media by addressing the issues of suicide among our youth and teens with radio stations such as KATT and KWED.    

Precious Life has also appeared on local television talk shows such as Great Day USA.  In addition to appearing on local talk shows in various cities, Precious Life also co-hosts a local talk show of its own on community stations speaking with those who have encountered suicide; and offering ways of assistance

Precious Life conducts workshops and seminars with local schools and organizations concentrating on the intervention and prevention of suicide

Precious Life became an active participant within various correction facilities such as; Juvenile, County Jails and State Prisons, offering assistance to those who were facing troubled times in their lives

Precious Life has collaborated with agencies in an effort to concentrate on teaching individuals and equipping them with the necessary tools to identify suicide and intervention resources to those who may be contemplating suicide.  Such agencies include, but are not limited to; New Connections, Battered Women, Love a Child Ministries and Contra Costa County Crisis Intervention

Precious Life has also served on hot-lines for agencies offering individuals an outlet to express themselves when facing a difficult time in their lives

As with any charity organization, Precious Life Services is a public funded entity which primarily operates on behalf of donations and grants

If you would like to donate, please make your donation through PayPal or by mailing us a check or money order to ‘Precious Life Crusade Teen Suicide Prevention’ at P.O. Box 974, Seguin, Texas 78156

To volunteer, please contact us at email

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