Suicide: Never an Option!

tumblr_n4nelyqZEE1tn1p2io1_500I have talked with several suicidal people who have said something like this:

“If things don’t work out I can always kill myself. I always have that option.” Suicide is not an option. And the type of mindset that accompanies this type of statement needs to be changed immediately. People who make that type of statement would never say: “If so-and-so doesn’t shape up, I’ll just kill him. I always have that option.” Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? So, why is it so easy for some people to believe that taking their own life is okay? That suicide is an option? Because of a mental disorder–People with depression, or a similar disorder, cannot think straight because they have a chemical imbalance in their brain.

And almost everyone who is suicidal has a mental disorder. So it is critical that people get treatment so their thinking will change. If you need help because you have a similar mindset, then get help now. Do not delay. Take a step back and analyze your thinking. What is really going on in your mind? What kind of self-talk do you engage in? Do you say to yourself: “Suicide is always an option”? or “I can always kill myself if I need to”? or “If things don’t get better, I’ll kill myself”? If your thinking is even close to that, then please get help. Call 1-800-SUICUDE now if you need to. The sooner you get help, the better.

Be honest with yourself. If you need help, get it. And get it now. And remember that suicide is never, under any circumstances, an option.

Article by Kevin Caruso

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8 thoughts on “Suicide: Never an Option!

  1. This post was in our spam folder, so we apologize for not responding to you in a timely manner. If you need someone to talk to, please call us at 1-800-273-8255

  2. Newenglandsun, please call us at 800-273-TALK (8255) so we can talk, but to answer your question, yes life is precious and we can say that as well as stand by our comment because God gave us life and we count that as a blessing. Please call us so we can talk.

  3. thats right mabey it is the onley way iv ben sad fore to long im in need of rest and can onley smile arawnd serten people iv ben puting on a happy gie act fore to long now the rell me comes out frgeve me father fore i have sined

  4. iv ben lucky so far i have frends that saported me in my time of need fore that im gratfull my life stell has no value to me at all but it dose to other people and i gess i must live fore them now fore my mind is stell im bad shape and i cant sleep but i have thangs too look forword to and to all the other people out thar like me i beleve in u and know we will mack it out of this time of darckness my lord knows your pane and is here fore u so apresheate what u have fore hawever long u have it becouse someone loves u and wouldent wount u to do what i almost did so look up to the sky and ask what do i do now and an anser will present itself .
    forever and allways frank zilla

    1. Frank Zilla, we are grateful for your friends as well and are glad to hear you have them to live for, but find it in yourself to live for you. If you need to talk to someone, please call us at 800.273.8255. Someone is always available to talk or just listen to you. God bless you!

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