How to Deal with Panic Attacks

A panic attack is a feeling of sudden and intense anxiety. Panic attacks can also have physical symptoms, including shaking, feeling disorientated, nausea, rapid, irregular heartbeats, dry mouth, breathlessness, sweating and dizziness. The symptoms of a panic attack are not dangerous, but can be very frightening. They can make you feel as though you are havingContinue reading “How to Deal with Panic Attacks”

5 Tips for Dealing with Stress and Depression During the Holidays

The holiday season can be a magical time of the year. Festive lights and decorations brighten neighborhoods, special and delicious treats tempt our pallets, and the contagious excitement of children can fill us with a celebratory spirit. But for some people, it may not always be the most wonderful time of the year. It canContinue reading “5 Tips for Dealing with Stress and Depression During the Holidays”

Lonely During the Holiday Season? You’re not alone.

Many different factors can cause loneliness; in particular, the holiday season can trigger feelings of loneliness. At this time of year, there is a strong focus on connectedness. In supermarkets, department stores, on television, and on social media, we’re bombarded with imagery of family and friends gathering together for food and fun times. It’s easy toContinue reading “Lonely During the Holiday Season? You’re not alone.”

How to Deal with Constantly Feeling Overwhelmed

Our work lives have become increasingly demanding, presenting us with ever more complex challenges at a near-relentless pace. Add in personal or family needs, and it’s easy to feel constantly overwhelmed. In their book, Immunity to Change, Harvard professors Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey discuss how the increase in complexity associated with modern life has leftContinue reading “How to Deal with Constantly Feeling Overwhelmed”

Lessons Learned from Long-Term Grieving

In 1979, my mother lost her eight-year-long battle with lymphoma at the age of 43, leaving me, a shy and sensitive 9-year-old, reeling, grief-stricken, angry, and suddenly living in a confusing new reality.  Fast forward 43 years to today (11/2), the anniversary of her death–she has been deceased about as long as she had been alive. BothContinue reading “Lessons Learned from Long-Term Grieving”

How Can Parents Keep Teens Out of the Hospital and Safe?

First, it’s essential to leave the hospital with a plan. If there is no treatment or plan in place, then the next time the child expresses suicidal ideation or urges to self-harm, caregivers panic and are forced to bring the child right back to the ER. As a result, treatment only happens during crises, andContinue reading “How Can Parents Keep Teens Out of the Hospital and Safe?”

Hyperfixation and ADHD

In the world of ADHD, this state has been described as Hyperfocus.   Some refer to it as being ‘in the zone,’ or ‘completely engaged.’  We are doing something at the exclusion of everything else, Hyperfixation is different.  It’s not just in that moment, but obsessed with something.  If it’s something healthy or at least harmless, great. ButContinue reading “Hyperfixation and ADHD”

How Can Nature Benefit My Mental Health?

Spending time in green space or bringing nature into your everyday life can benefit both your mental and physical wellbeing. For example, doing things like growing food or flowers, exercising outdoors or being around animals can have lots of positive effects. It can: • improve your mood • reduce feelings of anger and stress •Continue reading “How Can Nature Benefit My Mental Health?”

How to Boost Your Mental Health

Anyone can suffer from mental or emotional health problems—and over a lifetime most of us will. This year alone, about one in five of us will suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder. Yet, despite how common mental health problems are, many of us make no effort to improve our situation. We ignore the emotional messagesContinue reading “How to Boost Your Mental Health”