What’s the Name of Your Depression?

My daughter is named after my mother. My dog’s name is Dog. I call my depression “My Black Hole.” I am not the only one who has given illness a name. Winston Churchill called his depression his “Black Dog.” I have a friend who calls her depression “The Cave.” Apparently it is common and actuallyContinue reading “What’s the Name of Your Depression?”

Intrusive Thoughts: Why We Have Them and How to Stop Them

Intrusive thoughts are unexpected images or thoughts that seem to pop into your head. They’re often strange or distressing. But these thoughts happen to almost everyone from time to time. What are intrusive thoughts? Intrusive thoughts seem to come out of nowhere. These thoughts and images are unwanted and often unpleasant. The content can sometimesContinue reading “Intrusive Thoughts: Why We Have Them and How to Stop Them”

3 Empowering Words to Break Free From a Toxic Relationship

Moving from desperation and self-preservation to an emotionally healthier life. If you are one of the “walking wounded” out there suffering in a toxic relationship, you may feel it is emotionally empty and non-fulfilling. If you’re not sure, these signs may help you clarify your thoughts on whether you’re in such a relationship and howContinue reading “3 Empowering Words to Break Free From a Toxic Relationship”

To the Suicidal Mama Fighting to Stay Alive for Her Kids

Fellow Mama, I see you lying there in bed, trying to will yourself to get up. I know some part of you might wish you hadn’t woken up this morning – that you could fade away into nothingness because it seems a hell of a lot better than dealing with the demons you fight offContinue reading “To the Suicidal Mama Fighting to Stay Alive for Her Kids”

Why are Some People More Angry Than Others?

According to Jerry Deffenbacher, PhD, a psychologist who specializes in anger management, some people really are more “hotheaded” than others are; they get angry more easily and more intensely than the average person does. There are also those who don’t show their anger in loud spectacular ways but are chronically irritable and grumpy. Easily angeredContinue reading “Why are Some People More Angry Than Others?”

Mental Health Tips in the Wake of Trauma

Americans today see reports of shootings, bombings and other violent acts through various social media forums; which can make it feel like this type of violence is occurring more frequently. These horrific acts have caused many on social media to discuss feelings of numbness, sadness and anxiety. In times such as this, it’s important toContinue reading “Mental Health Tips in the Wake of Trauma”

Are We Concerned About Mental Health in America?

To understand if Americans believe mental health is a pervasive issue and how first responders should respond to emergencies involving mental health, Rave Mobile Safety partnered with independent research firm Researchscape to survey more than 1,000 American adults nationally in April 2021. The key findings of the survey indicate that: Americans are concerned about mentalContinue reading “Are We Concerned About Mental Health in America?”

Co-occurring Disorders Associated with Substance Abuse

Nonsuicidal self-injury disorder, better known as self-harm, is characterized by the purposeful actions of causing physical harm to oneself without the intention of committing suicide. Cutting and burning are the two most common types of self-injury behavior.  This behavior is more common in teenagers and adolescents and occurs due to severe underlying emotional pain andContinue reading “Co-occurring Disorders Associated with Substance Abuse”

The Barbie Doll Syndrome and Depression

Barbie dolls, GI Joe dolls and Victoria Secret’s lingerie angels are just a few icons that have shaped the way young women and men should be portrayed. Society depicts beauty as skinny waistlines, big muscles, tan skin, full lips, large breasts and six-pack abs; dismissing the fact that true beauty originates from the inside. TheContinue reading “The Barbie Doll Syndrome and Depression”

Depression is Not a Snap Out of It Mood Swing

With over 300 million experiencing depression worldwide, it is one of the most common mental health conditions that exists. Depression affects people of all ages, ethnicity, race, gender and income levels. Yet depression can look very different depending on age and other factors. Knowing how to recognize depression symptoms is an important first step towardContinue reading “Depression is Not a Snap Out of It Mood Swing”