Being Happy With Yourself

Love_Yourself_First_by_thesashabellMany of us are passionate, capable of feeling deeply, and in love with our partners… yet do not have the same feelings towards ourselves.

Have you ever had that feeling when you are totally and utterly in love with somebody and want to be with them all the time?  You cannot stop thinking about them, you think that they are wonderful and they can definitely do no wrong.  Do you have those same feelings towards yourself?…

The truth is that many of us don’t love ourselves enough.  In fact, often we don’t know how to treat ourselves with respect and love.  We rush around trying to please others and fitting in our daily chores – and do not make time for ourselves.  We try to connect with other people, and aim to have fantastic relationships with partners, family and friends – but not ourselves.

Moreover, society actually imposes some very negative associations about loving oneself.  When we say that someone loves him/herself, we generally mean this in a very uncomplimentary way – we’re probably trying to convey that that person is arrogant or vain or both.  The difference, though, between somebody that actually loves themselves for who they are and somebody who is arrogant, is massive.  Loving yourself is not a bad thing to do.

When you love yourself you are content in yourself; you treat yourself well and, consequently, treat others well, as you know how it feels to love.  We need to learn to love ourselves, before we can give love to anyone else wholeheartedly.  When you love yourself you cherish yourself, respect yourself and set yourself high standards.  You won’t abuse your body with too much food, excessive alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.  You’ll want to exercise to remain healthy and strong.  You will say good things about yourself and others.  When you love yourself you don’t need to put others down or compare yourself to others.  When you love yourself you can cope with, and enjoy, being on your own sometimes.  You are simply happy in your own skin

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