How to Stop Worrying!

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Are you always worrying? Worry and anxiety can lead to physical illness, a lack of focus at work and other important tasks, and anxiety and worry can prevent you from enjoying life. So are you looking for a cure for anxiety and worry? Would you like to learn how to worry less?  Let’s review some steps you can take to help with worrying:

IDENTIFY THE SOURCE OF YOUR ANXIETY AND WORRY: What’s causing you to worry? What’s causing anxiety in your life? What is the source of your stress? Sometimes, we don’t know what’s causing the stress or worry in our lives; thinking about the source of anxiety and worry is the first step to coping with that anxiety and reducing stress and worry

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Consider the situation that’s causing worry or stress. What can you do to improve the situation? Can you affect the outcome of the situation? If so, how? Remember, worry and anxiety doesn’t improve the situation; taking action will. If you can’t do anything to affect the outcome or to improve the situation that’s causing worry or stress, try to “release” the emotions. Remember, worrying does no good – if anything, stress, anxiety and worry just makes the situation worse

THINK OF THE WORST-CASE SCENARIO: If you’re worried about a particular event, person, etc., you need to consider the worst-case scenario. Often, the worst-case scenario isn’t all that bad. In other cases, the source of anxiety and worry is very legitimate. Whatever the case, understanding the worst possible scenario and coming to terms with this can help reduce anxiety, stress and worry

DEVELOP A GAME PLAN: If the worst case scenario unfolds, what will you do? What can you do? Developing a plan of action on how you’ll handle the situation if the worst unfolds can be comforting, as it gives you a feeling of control in the situation

WRITE DOWN YOUR WORRIES AND THE CAUSE OF ANXIETY: Sometimes, you don’t know why you feel anxious or worried. Writing down what’s worrying you and what’s causing stress in your life will help you to sort out your thoughts. Also write down the worst-case scenario and what you can do if that occurs. Putting your thoughts on paper can help reduce stress and lessen anxiety.

TAKE PART IN STRESS-RELIEVING ACTIVITIES: Go to the gym; exercise reduces stress and anxiety. Practice visualization to relieve stress by imagining that you’re exhaling black smokey air-filled with your worries and inhaling clear, calm air. Spend time with pets, friends and loved ones. Read a book, watch a movie or talk a walk in the woods. Relieve stress, anxiety and worry in a positive way

Tips and Warnings!

If stress, anxiety and worry is consuming your life and affecting your ability to function in everyday life, it’s time to seek professional help. Speaking with a psychologist will help you cope with your anxiety, stress and worry; and in some cases, medications can be prescribed for use in conjunction with comprehensive therapy

Don’t drink or turn to medications or substances to relieve stress. Drugs and alcohol will never improve the situation; they’ll only make it worse. You need to cope with the emotions that you’re feeling in order to release those feelings of worry, anxiety and stress

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