Suicide: The Silent Epidemic



As the weight of the world lays on your chest
And leaves you out of breath
Tossing and turning never at rest
The pain of another day consumes you
Not knowing what to do
To live or not to live
That is the question
The voice in your head is saying why suffer
Why not just get it over with
The complexity of your intricate design seems like a waste of time
Failing to realize you are one of a kind
A creation of the almighty creator
Wishing to meet fate now instead of later
You think you’re doing a favor by leaving
Selfishly leaving loved ones behind grieving
All your hopes and dreams tossed away
Grab life and put those thoughts of taking your own destiny away
I ask you to give life just one more day

If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, please call 911

Life is too precious and believe us when we say….’Someone Does Care’

Poem by Leslie Strong

Video by Open High School

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