Clean Up Your Life


The opportunity of life is to live in the experience of love. When you are in this state, you are happy, alive, and free. You have a very positive attitude and great things happen around you.  This is the place where life works.

Each of us has specific aspects of life that don’t work. Whenever you are in the presence of one of these areas, you lose aliveness and peace of mind. Part of you closes down inside.

You may have a painful relationship or bills you can’t pay. You may have a messy house or a job you can’t stand. These conditions of unworkability may be as minor as a squeaky chair or as destructive as a contested divorce, but every one of them pulls you out of the experience of love.

We also make handling these conditions a low priority. We would rather suffer than take time to resolve them. As time goes on, these conditions accumulate. Life becomes less enjoyable and we don’t know why.

List the items that seem easy to handle and the ones that seem impossible. If you have an upset associated with any aspect of your life, write it down.

Use the following categories to make your list:

  • Physical environment
  • Relationships
  • Guilt & wrongdoings
  • Job & career
  • Finances
  • Legal
  • Health & fitness
  • Miscellaneous

Your life may seem like a bottomless pit of things that don’t work, but it’s not. There is a very limited number of these items. By making this list, you discover the limited nature of these items and the items lose much of their power.

Handle each item

After you complete your list, the next step is to start the process of handling each item. Most of the areas of life that don’t work can get resolved with a little effort.

Once you handle an area of your life that hasn’t been working, you experience such a freedom and relief, you wonder why you waited so long to handle it. We don’t realize how much we suffer from these items until they are no longer there.

What would your life be like if you handled 20% of the items on your list? What if you handled 50%? What if you handled every item? Your life would be incredible.

It is possible to have a life that is totally free of these conditions. This may take some work and it may take years to accomplish, but it can be done, and every step along the way makes your life a little better.

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