Using Mistakes to Build a Brighter Future

One of the greatest qualities of a great leader is they know how to make mistakes.  Many times we fear making mistakes and because of that we often do not make decisions.  Trying to avoid making mistakes is like trying to not breath; sooner or later you are going to have to do it.   But there is an upside to making mistakes; we can always learn from them.

If we consider mistakes as opportunities to learn something then mistakes are not final or fatal.  In fact they are a necessary step in the growth process.  As a leader I will do my best to make the best quality decision I can.  When the outcome of my decision does not turn out like I would have liked then I will consider it as a part of the learning process and use my mistake to make a better decision in the future.   Keeping this in mind the question is never will I fail but will I use what I have learned in the decision that I am making to make myself a better informed leader?

To further grasp the concept here are a few things about learning from your mistakes:

1)      Do not allow a mistake cripple you from dreaming big.   Big mistakes can knock the wind out of us if we do not watch it.  The can cripple us with fear and make us cut our dreams short.  Our challenge as a leader is to not allow mistakes to clip our wings to dream.

2)      Realize that mistakes are a common thing in leadership.  We all make them.  The reason why we think we are alone is because most leaders do not talk about their mistakes.   When we understand that we all make mistakes it frees us to be more courageous.

3)      Consider mistakes as valuable tools for future success.  It is a interesting reality that many of our most valuable lessons in life we have learned from the mistakes we have made as well as the victories we have celebrated.  The scares we have often teach us the best lessons in life.

4)      Never give up.  No matter how hard a blow life gives us if we do not give up we will win in the end.

Mistakes are lessons that help us on the journey to success.  Each step of the way they allow us to become better leaders

“Some of the best lessons we ever learn we learned from our mistakes and failures.  The error of the past is the success and wisdom of the future.”    Tyron Edwards

Inspired by DaRonn

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