Defeating Perfectionism Before It Defeats You!

BeImperfectIf you’re a perfectionist, you too can defeat perfectionism before it defeats you. By being honest about who you really are and focusing on what’s most important to you you’ll find that you enjoy yourself more and achieve more than ever! Here are ten steps to help you get there.

Steps to Defeat Perfectionism with Excellence

  1. >Take a realistic look at how you’re living and how you relate to others and yourself. Think and pray about the results of the Perfectionism survey above. (You might need to ask a friend to offer an objective opinion on this.) Set a goal to rebalance or reprioritize your life accordingly and get someone to hold you accountable to changing.
  2. Admit that you’re imperfect and be honest with those you trust about your struggles and needs.
  3. Be balanced. You’re a human being, not a human doing. There is more to life than what you can accomplish. Family, friends, and fun are important too.
  4. Step out of the performance trap by separating personhood from performance. You (and others) are loveable and valuable for who you are, with your unique personality, gifts, dreams, feelings, experiences. Hold your head high and develop good self-esteem!
  5. Don’t “should” on yourself or others. Instead of making demands or unreasonable expectations on people and yourself take an attitude of “I would like toÝ” “I’m going to work towardsÝ.” “I’d appreciate it if you couldÝ”
  6. Beginning is half done, so get started on realizing your goals. Don’t let yourself procrastinate on your priority goals or you’ll be moving towards failure.
  7. Strive to do an excellent job at what is most important to you, remembering that excellent means “very good,” not perfect.
  8. When you’re working on a project remember to enjoy the process.
  9. When you do a good job feel proud of yourself. When someone compliments you say thank you.
  10. Realize that no matter what your past failures and sins may be God loves you and offers his forgiveness to you through Jesus Christ. (Read John 3:16, Romans 8:1, and 1 John 1:9.)

By Dr. Bill Gaultiere

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