5 Steps On How To Comfort A Sad Person


In the world we are living in,People are bound to face trying times.

There are times they will face: Job lose,separation from their love ones either by death or divorce.

In some cases,one may lose his home, Boyfriend/Girlfriend/family member. When these things happen,one tends to lock Himself/Herself  in a sad world but in need of comfort.So how do you comfort them?

Below are five steps on how to comfort a sad person:

STEP ONE: Listen before Responding.

Listen to what they are saying and do not respond till they finish talking.These will help you think of your response, because what you might say can upset the person even more so.

STEP TWO: Offer to Help Or Ask Them How

Place a hand on their shoulder or even offer a hug,these will allow them not to feel less alone,But be aware,you can only do so if you are invited to do so.please do not force it,just ask.

STEP THREE: Be Understanding and Compassionate

Never Judge them or blame them,even if you feel they should be.Let them know that all is not lost.

STEP FOUR: DO Follow Ups

Its good to follow up on them.Find out how they are doing after the talk.

Do this by either calling or visiting them.These will help them feel loved.

STEP FIVE: Pray For Them

Remember them in your daily prayers,knowing that God is the only true comforter and Healer.As you do that everyday,God will surely meet them at their point of need.

Article by UL

Photo Credit by Shutterstock

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