Maintaining a Good Attitude in Hard Times By Lacey Michaels

If you think that maintaining a good attitude is part of living a happy life, you are partially right. The attitude that you reflect is important to your overall health for a number of reasons, and regardless of the hard times that may arise, maintaining a good attitude can help you make it through in one piece. Is your glass half empty or half full? An optimist looks at the brighter side of life, finding solutions rather than problems and opportunities instead of hurdles. Being an optimist is a choice and not necessarily something that comes natural to everyone, but it is a trait that can be learned, so have no fear.

For some, when the going gets rough, maintaining a good attitude can suddenly seem easier said than done. The answer to all of this is in the choice you make from moment to moment. It takes more muscles in the face to frown than to smile, so keeping that in mind, the next time you are feeling down, try smiling. You will feel an immediate difference, even though it is ever so slight. When the going gets rough, follow these simple steps to remind yourself that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Positive Self Talk

Maintaining a good attitude can help support you towards achieving your goals. The first step to completing any kind of project well is to adapt a positive attitude about the work you are going to do. Get yourself psyched up about the project and tell yourself, out loud if possible, all of the reasons that you will do a great job. Remind yourself how hard working and skilled you are, and how you are bound to succeed.
In the planning stage of any project, it is best to avoid negativity, including people and influences, as they can deflate your motivation.

Once you feel ready to begin, break the job up into parts that can be completed in a reasonable time frame. Clearly state intended goals, deadlines, and outside work needed to piece together your project. As you complete each item, cross it off your list so that you see you are accomplishing small steps. In the end, all of these small steps will lead to the completion of a larger project.

Forward Thinking

Maintaining a good attitude isn’t always easy, especially when you encounter some unexpected bad luck. The key is to focus on what is ahead and why it can only get better. It is important to be aware of what is happening in your life and understand your role in it. For example, if you get a parking ticket because you parked in a red zone, you may feel upset with the person who issued you the ticket. In reality, it was your responsibility to inspect where you parked your car. If you saw that it was a red zone, you knew there was a chance you could get a ticket. If you did not notice the color of the curb, then perhaps you learned a valuable lesson for the future and you will be more careful to take notice of where you are leave your property. In any case, the key to maintaining a good attitude is to focus on how you can do better the next time you encounter the same or similar situation.
Whether you got a ticket, burned dinner, or forgot to make a call, ask yourself if it will matter in five years. If the answer is no, then you should forgive yourself and move on. Pay the ticket and resolve to handle your parking needs better next time. Go out to eat and enjoy the fact that you have no dishes to do. Make the call tomorrow and explain that you will be more careful in the future. Putting things in the perspective of their real impact on your life can be a great tool toward maintaining a good attitude.

Putting it on Paper

When you start feeling overwhelmed by circumstances in your life, it is time to make a list. Getting worries out of your head and down on paper can alleviate the anxiety of hanging onto it all yourself. Sometimes we keep thoughts swirling around in our heads because we fear missing a deadline, forgetting a detail, or letting go of an issue from the day that cannot be solved at the moment.

Make a list of each item that is consuming you and allocate a time when you will deal with the issue. If you cannot sleep because you are thinking about what is due the next day, write down your thoughts, set your alarm for a little earlier than usual, and go to sleep knowing that it will be taken care of in the morning. Part of maintaining a good attitude is giving yourself a fair chance. If you write down the issues that are important to you with reasonable times to handle them, you are not only respecting yourself, but also will feel less burdened and desperate.

Another idea is to make a list of what you do accomplish each day. As you complete a task, add it to your list, and review it at the end of the week. Ultimately, this can have just as much of a positive impact on your mood as crossing things off of your list. You work hard. Enjoy proving it to yourself.

Recognizing the Positive

Even when it seems that there is nothing left that could possibly go wrong, take the time to focus on what is going right. If you cannot think of anything going right, then perhaps it is time to reevaluate your life, and make note of what you may be taking for granted.

For example, do you have good health, clear vision, or a beautiful voice? Take a look in the mirror and think about all of the attributes you have to be thankful for in your life. Though your physical self is only one part of who you are, it can provide you with clues. How does the use of your body allow you to move through the world? How do your senses allow you to make better decisions? Many people are unable to see what is right in front of them until they no longer have it. Be thankful for what you have physically, and use it to the best of your ability.

Now take a look beyond the physical at what is inside of you. Are you a good judge of character? Do you follow your instincts and avoid the confusion of being misled?

Maintaining a good attitude in life involves knowing your inner self, following your personal truth, and picking yourself up when you are down and continuing to move forward.

In Conclusion

Even though it is good to have outside support, you are ultimately responsible for your own well being. It may not always be easy to put a positive spin on the major difficulties in life, it becomes easier to maintain a good attitude if you begin with the little things and work your way up. When you feel you are having a bad day, imagine the way your day would look if it suddenly changed and things got better. If you stub your toe, imagine that it is already healed and luckily the pain will be gone in seconds.

When you start embracing and maintaining a good attitude, you will not only notice a change in yourself for the better, but other people will notice too. In general, people are drawn to positive individuals, as they tend to be luckier in life with health, wealth, and relationships. You may even inspire others to start demonstrating a more positive attitude, which can lead to a happier society.

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