Can You Choose to be Happy?

The simple answer is, YES. We can achieve a state of happiness by working towards improving the status of each of these ingredients above.

For example, you can work on obtaining a higher salary or seeking a job that brings you innate satisfaction and purpose, on improving your physical health by exercising and eating whole foods, and on building stronger relationships with your friends, family, and community.

With that said, happiness comes in all shapes and sizes and can look different for many different individuals; however, we usually must have at least one of the ingredients from the list mentioned above. 

  • A woman who lives alone finds great pleasure in her work, and has a close relationship with her nieces and nephews.
  • A widow who enjoys visits from her grandchildren and who volunteers at her church.
  • A man who is happily married with three children and works at a below-average paying job.
  • A social worker who works 60 hour weeks with no overtime pay but takes great pleasure in making sure everyone in her caseload is in good hands.
  • A single man who lives in a van with limited earthly possessions but has a close connection with his God.
  • A single man who earns a high salary and lives with his dog.
  • A teenager who lives in a foster home and enjoys his classmates and playing soccer.

My wish is for everyone to seek and find happiness at some point in their life, as I believe we have the option to work towards finding our own happiness, but this may take more time and work for some individuals who must overcome more significant obstacles than others.

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