Feeling Lost In Life? 8 Things to Remember

Everyone reaches a point in their life when everything seems to be at a pause. In these moments, you feel like life has no meaning and no way to go from here. In this situation, you’re on the brink of feeling existential; you feel lost.

Feeling lost in life can be one of the most challenging things to endure in your life. It leaves you feeling that there aren’t many options in life and consume you completely. Well, we’re here to share some tips that you need to remember when you’re feeling lost.

1. What you’re feeling is normal 

Feeling lost is perfectly normal. Everyone hits a dead-end in their present and think that their arbitrary existence will continue to feel paused. This feeling is okay to feel. You can feel lost at whatever age, no matter the circumstances. 

2. You are not the problem 

It’s important to understand that it isn’t because of you or your existence when you’re feeling lost. Life can be monotonous at times, and hitting a dead end is purely circumstantial. There’s no reason why you should put the blame on yourself. 

You only control your action and can’t forecast the unfolding of events beforehand. So, take a deep breath and exhale out all the negative thoughts. 

3. Things come and go 

It’s okay if something you held close to you is no longer a significant part of your life. You need to accept that this is the pattern of life itself. Things come and go, and the most you can do is preserve the memories in your heart to remember on for years ahead.

Just because you don’t have that thing today doesn’t mean that you’ve hit an end to all the opportunities in life. 

4. Being yourself is okay

The one thing you need to do to live your life vicariously is unapologetically being yourself. Suppressing your inner self in the pursuit of a face will leave you feeling empty and hollow, so don’t be afraid to break all boundaries and embrace who you truly are. There’s only one of you in the world, so it’s best to let your true self live.

5. Accepting the truth is life

Feeling lost comes with learning harsh truths. While these truths are unchangeable, it’s no reason why you should put your life at halt. Some things in life are meant to be and the only way to live through it is by accepting that you can’t change reality. Acceptance of the truth is what adds life in your soul. 

6. Breaking down is okay

Having meltdowns and breakdowns are entirely normal. You don’t need to feel like an outcast or feel embarrassed if your emotions get the best of you. You’re only human, and with being human comes a massive bulk of mental and physical responsibilities that can be a bit much at times. It’s okay to break down in those moments.

7. You control your present 

Understand that you’re in control of your decisions and everything that is to come. Create new opportunities for yourself when one door closes itself. Life is too short to keep waiting for the right moment.

Give yourself the moment you need and change the perspective of those around you. You’re free to do whatever you want, so even if you’re feeling lost, know that there is a world of newendeavors around you. 


Life can get a bit rough at times, and that’s okay. Feeling like you’re lost with your life or that there is no purpose is something most humans go through. The only way is to power through sheer perseverance and understanding that there is more to the world than what you already know.

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