She was locked away without the key
She’d been hiding away from all to see
Stuck inside the prison of her mind
She longed for freedom she couldn’t find

Her tortured, hollowed heart was broken
Carrying the burden of pain unspoken
Seeking vengeance on all who wronged her
Her heart was closed behind a locked door

Not a soul allowed in, not a soul allowed out
Never to be hurt without a shadow of a doubt. No one could hurt her if she didn’t let them in. All alone in the dark but, she still couldn’t win

At times, we hide when we’ve been hurt before. Not wanting anyone to open our heart’s door But, without the dark, we won’t see the light And without a spark, not a thing ignites

We must face our shadows full of strength
Traveling through no matter the length
Unlock the door to your tortured soul
It’s the only way to heal and start to feel whole

© Janelle Erin Elizabeth Peters all rights reserved 2021 picture credit rightful owner

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