There’s Always Hope


We all hope for different things throughout our lives.  Hope to one day get married.  Hope to finish school and get that degree.  Hope to one day hit the lottery.  With whatever dreams you have, it is hope that fuels it and keeps it alive, pushing us forward

What is hope? I suppose that it is like trying to define faith or love; it is very difficult, but we can use some examples. As near as I can tell, hope is light. It is a light within us that pierces the darkness of doubt and discouragement and taps into the light (hope) of all creation

A Need for Hope

Where does hope come from? Why should we have hope? Why do we keep on hoping even after we blow our diet or get a bad grade or lose a close game or get turned down in some way or another?

In all ages of time and in all dispensations, people have felt a need for hope. There is a saying—a proverb—“There is no pain so great as a hope unfulfilled.”

We All Hope for Different Things

What do we hope for? I suppose in your situation you hope for good grades, you hope that a certain boy will ask you out or that special girl will say yes, or you hope your car won’t get ticketed (and I understand that’s a pretty vain hope on this campus), or you hope the teacher won’t give you too hard an assignment, or you hope you can just make it through another day. Maybe you hope to lose weight, or maybe you hope your children will turn out okay or you will get a good job offer, or you hope you will have good health or better health. We all hope for different things at different times, depending on our maturity level—all the way from infant hoping for a bottle to a student hoping for good grades to an adult hoping for love and understanding. Ultimately, we all hope for the greatest of all gifts—immortality and eternal life. In fact, in order to have a true saving hope, that hope must transcend this mortal sphere.

Bottom line for hope is this; never give up on hope.  Hope is what keeps our dreams alive.  Hope is what pushes us forward.  Hope is what fuels our being.  Never give it up, for in doing so, you lose in the end

Inspired by John H. Groberg and Laraine Turner

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