How to Defuse a Verbal Attack

Have you ever been verbally attacked by someone? It hurts and our natural reaction is to fight it, but this is the worst thing you can do. Fighting what someone has to say doesn’t make the person’s upset go away. It gives it more power. The person gets more upset and blasts you even more.Continue reading “How to Defuse a Verbal Attack”

Is My Marriage Worth Saving?

There is no evidence that unhappily married adults who divorced are any happier than unhappily married people who stay married. Without a doubt, your marriage is worth saving! Though all marriages can’t be saved, divorce does not typically solve personal or relational dysfunctions. For couples with children, it is important to understand that research validatesContinue reading “Is My Marriage Worth Saving?”

Suicide: The Silent Epidemic

  As the weight of the world lays on your chest And leaves you out of breath Tossing and turning never at rest The pain of another day consumes you Not knowing what to do To live or not to live That is the question The voice in your head is saying why suffer WhyContinue reading “Suicide: The Silent Epidemic”

Beat Me Because You Love Me! I Don’t Understand…..

Growing up, I remember my parents when they would chastise me say; “I’m spanking you because I love you”  I could relate to that type of love, but what I don’t understand is how a man or woman can beat on their significant other and say those words.  You beat me because you love me! Continue reading “Beat Me Because You Love Me! I Don’t Understand…..”

Cutting Addiction: No Gain in Your Pain

Cutting and other forms of self-harm are medical illnesses that occur when patients hurt themselves to help deal with deep-set emotions or distress. The prevalence of intentional self-injury is increasing and understanding the totality of the disease is complex. Proper, swift treatment is the best way to help prevent any dire consequences of cutting. WhyContinue reading “Cutting Addiction: No Gain in Your Pain”

Couples: Break the Silence Barrier within Your Relationship

  Many couples don’t take enough time to talk, bond and firmly connect with each other which eventually lead to a marriage that will struggle.  Communication is vital to a healthy, productive relationship In today’s reading, we will focus on some steps to take to ‘Break the Silence Barrier within Your Relationship’  Please keep inContinue reading “Couples: Break the Silence Barrier within Your Relationship”

Emotional Abuse in Relationships: Your Right to Be Happy

No one intends to be in an abusive relationship, but individuals who were verbally abused by a parent or other significant person often find themselves in similar situations as an adult.  If a parent tended to define your experiences and emotions, and judge your behaviors, you may not have learned how to set your ownContinue reading “Emotional Abuse in Relationships: Your Right to Be Happy”