How to Stop Living in Fear

Can a person feel happy and sad in the same time? Even though we have a certain capacity to experience different feelings at the same time still there are certain feelings that can hardly exist together. Happiness is one of those feelings that need to be experienced alone in order for it to be feltContinue reading “How to Stop Living in Fear”

Do You Have a Mood Disorder?

What Are Mood Disorders? Four basic forms of mood disorders are major depression, cyclothymia (a mild form of bipolar disorder), SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and mania (euphoric, hyperactive, over inflated ego, unrealistic optimism.) How Common Are Mood Disorders? About 20% of the U.S. population reports at least one depressive symptom in a given month, andContinue reading “Do You Have a Mood Disorder?”

Do You Feel Hopeless?

Are there times you just feel like giving up? Do you feel like you’re being  backed into the wall but there’s nowhere to run and no reason to move? If you  catch yourself saying, “Why bother?” you may be experiencing hopelessness but  you’re not alone. Dr. Robert Leahy shares five ways to help you beatContinue reading “Do You Feel Hopeless?”

Beat Me Because You Love Me! I Don’t Understand…..

Growing up, I remember my parents when they would chastise me say; “I’m spanking you because I love you”  I could relate to that type of love, but what I don’t understand is how a man or woman can beat on their significant other and say those words.  You beat me because you love me! Continue reading “Beat Me Because You Love Me! I Don’t Understand…..”

Deal With Stress and Anxiety

Do you worry too much?  And how much anxiety is too much?  To answer these questions, you may need to deepen your understanding of stress and anxiety, and how they help and hurt you. Why Worry?  Stress and anxiety do have their place.  They push us to make necessary changes in our lives.  They signalContinue reading “Deal With Stress and Anxiety”

It’s Your Body, Be Happy!

Society’s messages about body image are generally shaped by the media, the beauty industry and  outdated notions of health and fitness.  These messages define body shape and size as targets for  regulation and control.  Ironically, a majority of media photos that portray women with  perfect bodies  that are enhanced by modern technology to achieve theContinue reading “It’s Your Body, Be Happy!”

Cutting Addiction: No Gain in Your Pain

Cutting and other forms of self-harm are medical illnesses that occur when patients hurt themselves to help deal with deep-set emotions or distress. The prevalence of intentional self-injury is increasing and understanding the totality of the disease is complex. Proper, swift treatment is the best way to help prevent any dire consequences of cutting. WhyContinue reading “Cutting Addiction: No Gain in Your Pain”

Couples: Break the Silence Barrier within Your Relationship

  Many couples don’t take enough time to talk, bond and firmly connect with each other which eventually lead to a marriage that will struggle.  Communication is vital to a healthy, productive relationship In today’s reading, we will focus on some steps to take to ‘Break the Silence Barrier within Your Relationship’  Please keep inContinue reading “Couples: Break the Silence Barrier within Your Relationship”

Emotional Abuse in Relationships: Your Right to Be Happy

No one intends to be in an abusive relationship, but individuals who were verbally abused by a parent or other significant person often find themselves in similar situations as an adult.  If a parent tended to define your experiences and emotions, and judge your behaviors, you may not have learned how to set your ownContinue reading “Emotional Abuse in Relationships: Your Right to Be Happy”